Horizontal metal baler can press various scrap metal

Nowadays, horizontal metal balers are widely used in various industries. The baler is powerful enough to handle many different scrap materials.
Horizontal metal baler
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Nowadays, horizontal metal balers are widely used in various industries. The baler is powerful enough to handle many different scrap materials. The baled metal materials are easier to store and transport, which brings great convenience to the relevant scrap recycling plants. The following is the introduction of Shuliy’s horizontal metal baler, Shuliy welcomes you to consult at any time!

A brief introduction to the horizontal metal baler

A horizontal metal baler is a kind of equipment using a hydraulic system. Used for metal scrap, scrap, and other materials for extrusion baling. It compresses the material into a tight package by applying hydraulic pressure. The baled scrap is easy to store, transport and recycle. Shuliy produces scrap metal balers in different models that can handle different weights of materials per batch.

horizontal metal baler
Horizontal metal baler

Application of scrap metal baler

Horizontal metal baler is suitable for all kinds of metal scrap, such as scrap steel, aluminum, copper, iron, lead, zinc, etc. These baled metal materials can be used for recycling, smelting, or sales.

Horizontal metal baler's using scope
Horizontal metal balers using scope

How does the horizontal metal press machine work?

Metal press machine working video

Detailed information on scrap metal recycling machine

Nominal Force(kn)2500
Compression chamber(mm)2000*1750*1200
Block size(mm)(450-800) ×500×500
Block density(kg/m 3 )≥2500
Single cycle time(s)≤160
Bale discharging operationPush out, PLC control cooperation
Scrap metal recycling machine’s parameter

What is the structure of a horizontal metal baler?

A scrap metal baler is usually composed of a hydraulic system, packing room, operation control system, and safety device.

  1. The hydraulic system provides the pressure and power required in the baling process.
  2. The packing room is the area where the metal materials are placed and baled.
  3. The operation control system is used to control the operation of the baler and adjust the system of operating parameters.
  4. Safety devices ensure the safety of the operator and the equipment.
scrap metal recycling machine
Scrap metal recycling machine

Working principle of scrap metal press machine

A scrap metal press machine is to apply pressure through a hydraulic cylinder. Then the metal materials are compressed into tight blocks in the packing chamber.

  1. First, put the metal materials into the packing chamber.
  2. Then, by manipulating the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder exerts pressure to compress the material and finally form a strong package.
  3. Finally, when the baling is completed, the packing chamber can be opened and the baled material can be removed.
scrap metal press machine's working principle
Scrap metal press machine’s working principle

Advantages of horizontal metal baler machine

  1. Small footprint: Our horizontal metal baler machines have a small volume, are lightweight, have a small print, and space-saving.
  2. The smooth operation of the metal baler: horizontal metal baler is characterized by low inertia of movement, low noise, flexible operation, etc.
  3. Convenient operation: the metal recycling machine we produce is controlled by liquid-electric integration. This can stop and run at any working position, and it is easy to achieve overload protection.
  4. Wide range of applications. In addition to scrap metal. Hydraulic metal balers can be used as processing equipment for scrap plastic film baling and as a similar product baling, compaction, and other functions of processing equipment.

Hydraulic horizontal metal baler repair and maintenance

  1. Users need to check the various lines of the hydraulic horizontal metal baler in a timely manner—for example, the power steering valve, motor, electromagnetic reversing valve, etc.
  2. Regularly clean the hydraulic metal baler screen and relief valve and make appropriate adjustments.
  3. Timely in the oil tank to add clean hydraulic oil. And the oil pump for the necessary repair or replacement.
scrap metal press machine's maintenance
Scrap metal press machine’s maintenance

Shuliy horizontal metal baler – your most trusted partner

  1. Shuli produces a variety of models of metal balers. We can meet the needs of different customers for the size of the finished baled metal products.
  2. High-quality balers are sold in many countries—for example, Somalia, Uganda, Kuwait, Philippines, etc. We have a long-term relationship with many of these customers.
  3. Rich export experience. Shuliy has been exporting for more than ten years, we can help customers solve all kinds of export-related problems and help them receive the equipment smoothly.
  4. Great after-sales service. We will provide customers with one-year after-sales and lifelong machine consulting services. Our after-sales service has won the praise of many customers.