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Plastic recycling baler machine
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A large plastic recycling baler machine is an advanced packaging equipment that can be used to compress used plastic bottles and other items. It helps the recycling industry to compress all kinds of light waste materials smoothly with its efficient processing capacity, energy saving, and environmentally friendly features. We produce different forms of balers, including vertical balers that can also be used to pack plastic bottles.

Introduction to plastic recycling baler machine

Shuliy has two types of plastic recycling baler machines, semi-automatic and automatic. In addition, there are different models of balers, which have different outputs for handling materials. The automatic plastic bottle balers produced by Shuliy have good rigidity and stability, beautiful and generous shape, easy operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment foundation project, etc.

plastic recycling baler machine
Plastic recycling baler machine

Composition of plastic bottles balers

The automatic plastic recycling baler machine can be completed by only one person’s remote control operation, which realizes a fully automatic waste paper baling operation. The machine comprises several institutions such as a baler frame, host, conveyor belt, automatic wire threading machine, and automatic screwing machine.

Plastic recycling baler machine's composition
Plastic recycling baler machine’s composition

The characteristics of each part

  1. Baler frame: The use of national standard steel thickened steel plate, coupled with the master welder’s high technology, combined into a durable appearance.
  2. Conveyor belt: Using high-quality thickened I-beam frame, high-strength steel plate type conveyor belt, durable and not deformed.
  3. Hydraulic system: High-speed variable pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal,, and other key accessories of high quality, so that the baler pressure, fast speed, low noise.
  4. Electric control system: Pure copper core motor, original PLC programming controller, long service life.
plastic recycling baler machine
Plastic recycling baler machine

Application range of the plastic waste baler

A large plastic recycling baler machine is mainly used to handle all kinds of waste plastic bottles, including beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, cans, plastic barrels, plastic jugs, woven bags, plastic bags, etc. These plastic bottles are generally made of plastics such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), which have good plasticity and recyclability.

It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper mills, old stuff recycling companies, and other unit enterprises, suitable for the baling and recycling of old stuff waste paper, plastic straws, etc. It is an effective equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

 Plastic waste baler's application
Plastic waste baler’s application

What are the benefits of using plastic bottle balers?

  1. Efficient processing capacity: Large plastic recycling baler machines can quickly and effectively compress and pack a large number of waste plastic bottles, improve efficiency, and reduce labor and time costs.
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compression processing reduces the volume of waste plastic bottles, lowering the occupation of transportation and storage space. This helps to save energy and reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Timely follow-up treatment: Compressed and packed plastic bottles are easier to store, transport and recycle. This provides convenience for subsequent processing and reduces the occupation of landfill.
plastic bottle baler
Plastic bottle baler

Technical parameters of large plastic recycling baler machine

Hydraulic pressure kn1200
Power kw22+15
Bale size (mm)900*1100
Voltage standard3ph 380v or customized
Hydraulic oilhard-wearing hydraulic oil brand
Capacity8 bales each hour, customized
Control system PLC, full-automatic, semi-automatic

How does the plastic waste baler work?

Plastic waste baler working video

What are the technical characteristics of the plastic bag baler?

  1. Fully automatic hydraulic drive, with the option of manual or PLC automatic control operation.
  2. Different ways of bale discharge: Continuous bale discharge, hydraulic pushing bale, and other different ways with and without a door are optional.
  3. Installation without base screw, in the case of no power supply, the diesel engine can be installed as power.
  4. Spherical structure linkage between pushing cylinder and pushing head, good reliability, and long service life of oil seal.
  5. The plastic bottle baler has a dispersed cutter at the filling port, which cuts off the excess part and facilitates baling.
  6. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency, and low failure.
plastic recycling baler machine's technical features
Plastic recycling baler machine’s technical features