Vertical metal baler for scrap iron and aluminum

Vertical metal balers are widely used in many industries for their ease of installation and use. It is used in a wide range of applications
Vertical metal baler
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Vertical metal balers are widely used in many industries for their ease of installation and use. Vertical metal scrap balers are used in a wide range of applications and can bale a variety of materials such as light metals, fibers, cardboard, and plastics. It is a multi-purpose machine that helps users save on storage and transportation costs. Besides, Shuliy has horizontal metal balers to meet the different needs of customers.

Vertical metal baler introduction

A vertical metal baler is an efficient machine for baling and compressing metal scrap and products. It achieves strong pressure through a hydraulic system to pack metal materials into a compact form. This improves storage and transportation efficiency while facilitating subsequent processing and recycling.

Vertical metal baler
Vertical metal baler

Application industries of vertical metal scrap baler

The vertical metal baler is applicable to several industries and fields, including

  1. Scrap recycling industry: processing metal scrap such as scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, etc. for convenient storage and recycling.
  2. Manufacturing and processing industry: baling metal cutting residues, scrap, and waste products, reducing space occupation and providing convenience for subsequent processing.
  3. Metal processing industry: baling metal shearing residues, shavings, and scrap.
  4. Logistics and transportation industry: baling all kinds of metal products, parts, and metal crafts, reducing transportation space, and ensuring safety.
using  scope of vertical metal scrap baler
Using scope of vertical metal scrap baler

Components of scrap baling machine

The scrap baling machine is mainly composed of the following components:

  1. Hydraulic system: provide strong pressure to achieve the compression force in the metal baling process.
  2. Frame and hopper: support and fix the metal material so that it can be baled and compressed.
  3. Hydraulic cylinder and piston: push the piston to the frame by hydraulic pressure. Also, apply pressure to bale the metal material into a compact form.
  4. Control panel: used to control the operation and parameter setting of the vertical metal baler, adjusting parameters such as pressure and baling time.
vertical metal baler structure

What is the working principle of the vertical metal compactor?

  1. Preparation: One places the metal material in the hopper on the frame to ensure safe and reasonable placement.
  2. Start the baler: The hydraulic system is started through the control panel so that the hydraulic cylinders and pistons of the vertical metal baler start to operate.
  3. Compression process: The hydraulic cylinder pushes the piston downward to apply pressure, gradually compressing the metal material into a compact form.
  4. Finish baling: Once the preset baling state is reached, the hydraulic system stops working and baling is finished.
  5. Discharge method: According to the demand, the vertical metal baler discharges the baled metal pieces through different discharge methods. You can choose manual or automatic discharge mode.

Vertical metal baler’s working video

Vertical metal baler working process

What are the advantages of sheet metal balers?

  1. Efficient baling: The sheet metal baler compresses metal materials into compact form quickly through strong hydraulic pressure, which improves storage and transportation efficiency.
  2. Space saving: The compressed metal blocks occupy less space, reducing space occupation.
  3. Convenient operation: The vertical metal scrap baler adopts automatic control and a user-friendly interface, which is easy to operate and reduces manpower requirements.
  4. Safe and reliable: With safety protection devices ensure the safety of the operator and provide a stable and reliable baling effect.
  5. Environmental protection and energy saving: the use of Shuliy’s vertical metal compactor reduces the scattering and flying of metal scrap, which is conducive to environmental protection and reduces energy consumption at the same time.
sheet metal baler
Sheet metal baler

Outstanding features of the scrap baling machine

  1. Vertical structure: Compared with horizontal balers, vertical scrap baling machines are more compact in terms of space occupation, and suitable for limited space.
  2. Vertical pressure: Since the baling direction is vertical downward pressure, it can better cope with the compression needs of metal materials.
  3. Multiple discharge methods: According to the demand, you can choose manual or automatic discharge methods, have high flexibility, and adapt to different working environments.
scrap baling machine
Scrap baling machine

What are the discharge methods of scrap sheet balers?

Vertical scrap balers have different discharge methods, customers can choose the required mode according to their needs.

  1. Manual discharge: The operator manually removes the baled metal blocks from the baler, which is suitable for smaller production scale and operation space.
  2. Automatic discharge: The baled metal blocks are automatically transported to the designated location through the automatic conveying system, which is suitable for mass production and continuous operation.

Technical specifications of vertical metal baler

Bale weight20-40KG100KG300KG400-500KG400-600kgs
Bale size600*400*200-500mm800*400*600mm900*600*800mm1100*800*1000
vertical metal baler’s parameter