Shuliy Machinery is a professional manufacturer of metal machinery and equipment. We are mainly engaged in metal baler, metal shredder, scrap steel shear etcs. We have rich export experience and our products are well sold in international markets. We have a professional team with rich knowledge and skills. With continuous innovation, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality metal baling solutions. We pursue excellence in quality and service and are committed to be your most trusted manufacturer of metal machinery and equipment!


Shuliy baler, shear and shredder

Why choose us?

 1.Excellent product quality: Our products are of reliable quality and can meet different application scenarios and needs of our customers.



 2. Many years of industry experience: according to the latest trends we are able to provide customers with the best solutions and services.



 3. Excellent after-sales service: We provide excellent after-sales service and are able to help customers solve various problems and difficulties.