Export heavy duty metal gantry shear to Bahrain

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Good news! A customer from Bahrain bought a heavy duty metal gantry shear from us. Our gantry shears are of high quality, very durable, and long-lasting, and have received a lot of love from our customers.

Background of the heavy duty metal gantry shear customer

The customer is from Bahrain and wants to set up a scrap metal baling plant. At first, the customer wanted to purchase three kinds of machines: metal baler, metal shredder, and gantry shear. Later, after communication, the customer decided to buy an 800 heavy duty metal gantry shear first.

heavy duty metal gantry shear
Heavy duty metal gantry shear

The parameters of the 800 heavy duty sheet metal shears

Max. cutting force800
Bin size(mm)6000*1700*800
Blade length(mm)1800
Shearing force(times/min)4-6
System pressure≤25
Heavy duty sheet metal shears’ parameter

Why do customers choose our gantry shear for scrap metal?

  1. We welcome customers to come to see the factory at any time. Customers and We discuss the time to see the factory, we will meet customers and lead them to visit the factory.
  2. Customized machine installation layout drawings. The customer wants to build a factory, he gives us the size of the factory, we help the customer to produce design gantry shear equipment placement and layout drawings.
  3. High-quality equipment, many customers expressed that they like our gantry shears very much. We also sent many customer feedback pictures and videos to our customers.
  4. High-quality after-sales service. We will give our customers one year of after-sales service and a lifetime free online consultation service.
gantry shear for scrap metal
Gantry shear for scrap metal

Packaging and shipping of heavy duty metal gantry shear

We will provide customers with pictures and videos of the heavy duty metal gantry shear before and after packing and before and after shipping. We will also update our customers on the logistics of the equipment in time.