Horizontal scrap metal baler sold to the Philippines

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Good news! A customer in the Philippines has purchased a horizontal scrap metal baler from us. The customer bought a model Y81-1250A horizontal metal baler, our smallest metal baler and best suited for light metals. The baling size is 30*30 cm.

Horizontal scrap metal baler customer background

The customer works for a company that handles scrap metal and wanted to buy a metal baler with a large output. The customer had already asked many companies and would compare the output and price of the metal baler. And they sent an inquiry to us.

What is the customer’s raw material?

It is metal scrap from the lathe.

metal scrap of raw material
Metal scrap of raw material

Shuliy’s recycling baler machine – customer’s best choice

The customer made a comparison. The customer first compared the Y81-1250A model metal baler and later asked for the Y81-1600A model industrial metal baler. After reaching the products and prices of several companies, the customer finally chose our Y81-1250A scrap metal baler. We are very happy to cooperate with the customer.

Horizontal scrap metal baler
Horizontal scrap metal baler

Parameters of Y81-1250A industrial cardboard baler

ModelPush PowerCompressed warehouse(mm)Baler size
Block density(kg/h)Efficiency
Single cycle time(s)Power(kw)
Industrial cardboard baler’s parameter

Shipping of the horizontal scrap metal baler machine