Why the hydraulic scrap baling machine belt is not tight?

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Hydraulic scrap baling machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in the metal baling and recycling industry, but sometimes in the process of use will encounter the problem of the baling belt is not tight. So, why does this situation arise? Here are the reasons for the situation machine solutions.

Below are the reasons:

First-Insufficient tension of the hydraulic scrap baling machine baling belt

One of the common reasons why the strapping is loose is that the tension of the strapping is not enough. Insufficient tension on the strapping will cause the strapping to not wrap tightly around the metal, thus affecting the firmness of the strapping. This can be caused by improper equipment settings or inaccurate belt tension adjustments.

Solution: When using a vertical metal baler, we should make sure that the tension of the strapping is moderate, neither too tight nor too loose, to ensure that the strapping can wrap metal items tightly.

hydraulic scrap baling machine
hydraulic scrap baling machine

Second-Loose or damaged strapping of the Industrial scrap baling machine

Another reason is the looseness or damage of the strapping itself. If the strapping is loose or damaged, it will not be able to be effectively taut and maintain the tightness of the strapping. This can be caused by poor-quality strapping or by squeezing and friction during transportation.

Solution: To solve this problem, we should use reliable quality strapping and pay attention to protecting the strapping from damage during the hydraulic scrap baling machine packing process.

hydraulic scrap baling machine's finished products
hydraulic scrap baling machine’s finished products

Third-Incorrect strapping position on the scrap metal press machine

The correct position of the strapping is also an important factor to ensure the tightness of the strapping. If the strapping is not positioned correctly, it will not wrap around metal items properly and will become loose.

Solution: When using a hydraulic scrap baling machine, we should make sure that the strapping is placed correctly on the top and bottom of the metal item so that it wraps evenly around the entire item and remains tight.

Use is the problem can refer to the above solutions. If there are any other questions about the hydraulic scrap baling machine, please feel free to contact us!

scrap metal press machine
scrap metal press machine