Metal Shaving Briquetting Machine | Aluminum Chips Briquetting Machine

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A metal shaving briquetting machine (horizontal metal chip compacting machine, metal chip/waste steel briquetting recycling machine) is the ideal equipment for processing copper chips, iron chips, and aluminum chips. Compared with the vertical metal briquette machine, although this machine has a large footprint, it has a larger pressure, which can press the metal chips into a high-density block under the action of a hydraulic punch. A must-have machine for the metalworking industry.

Brief introduction of metal shaving briquetting machine

The scrap iron briquette recycling machine is suitable for pressing various non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel metal shavings, copper shavings, iron shavings, alloy shavings, zinc, bronze, and titanium, magnesium, etc. The metal chip briquetting machine is special forging equipment for the metal recycling industry. It can compact metal chips into high-density briquettes in a short time and then send them into the furnace to improve the utilization rate of the furnace. At the same time, it is also convenient for the storage and transportation of metal scraps.

Working principle of aluminum chips briquetting machine

Put the filings, lathe processing filings, shavings, iron filings, brass filings, aluminum chips, and other metal raw materials into the feeding hopper of the machine. The raw materials enter the forming mold of the machine through the hopper and are pressed by the hydraulic punch to make solid metal blocks. Then, it is pushed out by the pushrod and enters the discharge conveyor belt. This machine can be used with a bucket elevator, metal shredders, etc.