Scrap metal baling machine sold to Somalia

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A 135 model scrap metal baling machine was sold to Somalia. Another success is with our horizontal metal balers. This customer visited our baler factory and trusted our equipment!

Scrap metal baling machine customer background

The customer was dealing with a large amount of scrap iron and he wanted to find a horizontal metal baler for efficient baling and processing. We provided all the models and parameters of the flat metal baler to the customer so that he had a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and applicability of each model.

Scrap metal baling machine
Scrap metal baling machine

Customizable metal press machine

After detailed comparison and consideration, the customer finally chose our 135 horizontal metal baler. This scrap metal baling machine was able to meet his needs for output and quality. However, the customer wanted a single-cylinder hydraulic system different from the double cylinders we often produce. Therefore, we customized a single-cylinder hydraulic system for the customer to ensure the efficiency and stability of the machine during operation.

metal press machine
Metal press machine

Welcome to visit Shuliy metal baler factory

In order to let our customer know more about our equipment and services, we warmly welcomed our customer and gave him a tour of our horizontal metal baler production plant. The customer witnessed our advanced manufacturing equipment and strict quality control process and was impressed by our strength and professionalism.

scrap metal baling machine
Scrap metal baling machine

Production of scrap metal baling machine

After full consideration, the customer returned and decided to purchase our equipment and paid the deposit. We then started making the scrap metal baling machine and reported the production progress to the customer in time so that the customer was always aware of the production of the equipment.

finished metal baler
Finished metal baler