Send vertical cardboard baler to Poland

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A Dutch customer buys a vertical cardboard baler from us. This vertical baler can pack all kinds of waste materials and can meet the customer’s needs.

Vertical cardboard baler customer background

Our customer has a recycling plant where they have a lot of plastic film and cardboard boxes. In order to minimize the footprint of these items, the customer needs a vertical cardboard baler machine. The vertical metal baler can help the customer to pack these items into compact shapes for easy storage and transportation.

Vertical cardboard baler
Vertical cardboard baler

Raw materials to be processed

The customer mainly needs to process plastic film, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, etc. The baler will help the customer to reduce the amount of raw material to be processed. The baled items are convenient for further processing and recycling.

Raw materials processed by vertical meatal baler
Raw materials processed by vertical meatal baler

Machine solutions from Shuliy

To meet the customer’s needs, we recommended a high-performance metal baler, specifically the Model-60 vertical cardboard baler. With excellent compression capacity and a reliable gating system, this machine can quickly bale scrap into high-density square blocks.

aluminum can baler machine
Aluminum can baler machine

Parameters of the vertical cardboard baler for sale

Baler size110*75cm
Cylinder stroke160cm
Machine size1850*2000*3100mm
vertical cardboard baler for sale parameter

Customer’s payment method

The customer showed great interest in our recommended baler and confirmed the purchase plan. After discussing the purchase plan, the customer decides to pay in full in order to start the operation of the machine as soon as possible.

If you are facing similar metal baling needs, please contact us and let us customize the most suitable solution for you! We have a wide range of metal recycling equipment such as horizontal metal balers, horizontal balers, gantry shears, shredders, and more.

Shipping of efficient vertical cardboard baler
Shipping of efficient scrap metal baler machine