Shipping affordable vertical cardboard baler to Ghana

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Shuliy’s high quality affordable vertical cardboard balers for cardboard and metal baling have been supported by many customers. Last week a customer from Ghana purchased a 60-ton vertical hydraulic baler.

Background of the affordable vertical cardboard baler customer

The customer wanted to use the affordable vertical cardboard baler to process cardboard and cans before starting a company. So he sent us an inquiry for a baler. This was the first time the customer imported equipment from China.

aluminum scrap baler
Aluminum scrap baler

What are the raw materials handled by the customer?

Waste cardboard and cans.

Cooperation process with the aluminum scrap baler customer

  1. Immediately after receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager communicated with the customer.
  2. After understanding the customer’s needs, we learned that the raw materials he needed to process were cardboard and empty cans, and we recommended both vertical and horizontal metal balers.
  3. And the customer chooses the vertical cardboard baler. In order to better meet the customer’s requirements, we confirmed the baling weight and size with the customer.
  4. Since the customer didn’t know much about affordable vertical cardboard balers, we recommended 60-ton, 80-ton, and 120-ton balers to him so that he could make a choice.
  5. The customer finally chose the 60-ton aluminum scrap baler after the examination rate, which met his production needs.
  6. Finally, the customer decided to pay a 40% deposit and we started to prepare the affordable vertical cardboard baler.
Affordable vertical hydraulic baler in stock
Affordable vertical hydraulic baler in stock

Parameters of the affordable vertical hydraulic baler

We confirmed with the customer that their baler needed 380V 50Hz 3-phase electricity. Here are the detailed parameters of the vertical hydraulic baler.

What are the customer’s concerns about the cardboard baler for sale?

1. The cost and time of transporting the hydraulic baler to their port.

After our inquiry, we offer our customers a shipping cost of 315 USD to the port of Accra – Tema, which takes about 45 days.

2. Can you offer a discount?

As we were in the discount season, we offered the client an appropriate discount.

3. How do I pay?

We invoice the customer with the company’s account on it and the customer pays at the bank.

Packing and transportation of the aluminum can baler machine

After the machine was ready, we sent the before and after pictures of the vertical hydraulic baler packaging to the customer, and we would deliver the equipment to the customer’s friend in Guangzhou as follows: