Vertical metal baling machine shipped to Malta

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Good news! A customer in Malta has purchased a vertical metal baling machine from us. The vertical hydraulic baler is model LD-30T. This model can produce finished products of 100*60*80mm in size.

Why did the customer need a vertical metal baling machine?

The customer has a factory that specializes in recycling waste paper. A large amount of cardboard would occupy a large factory space. So the customer wanted to compress the cardboard by the baler to save space and facilitate transportation.

vertical metal baling machine
Vertical metal baling machine

The communication process with the vertical metal compactor customer

  1. First, we confirm with the customer which type of scrap metal baler is needed. There are vertical and horizontal balers.
  2. After that, the customer confirms that he needs a 30-ton vertical metal baling machine. So we give the customer a quote.
  3. After that, we ask the customer for the port of Malta Valletta so that we can check the freight cost for the customer.

Finally, we provide the customer with a total PI so that the customer is clear about the price of the equipment.

In the process of communication with the customer, we will respond to any questions from the customer in a timely manner. Actively provide information about the vertical metal baling machine. Help analyze and choose the right baler model according to the customer’s needs. We will help each customer to choose the right equipment to carry out his business smoothly. Welcome to consult the machine at any time!

vertical metal compactor
Vertical metal compactor

What do customers care about the scrap metal baler for sale?

1. What is the size of the vertical metal baling machine?

Dimension of machine: 1650*850*2700mm

2. Is the machine three-phase power?

Yes, working on 3 phases.

3. What is the most popular machine model?

The best popular one is 60tons, it’s a medium model. but don’t worry, other models are also well sold. So, you can according to your request to choose.

finished product of scrap metal baler
Finished product of scrap metal baler