Double Shaft Shredder Machine for Senegal to Help Treatment of Wood Pallet Wastes

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Our company has recently successfully delivered an efficient double shaft shredder machine to a customer located in Senegal. This customer specializes in the treatment of wood pallet waste and has a large scale, so it is quite demanding on the performance and details of the required equipment.

Machine versatility meets customer expectation

During the initial communication, our business manager understood in detail that the customer needs to process a large amount of wooden pallet waste, and has particularly high requirements for the performance and details of the machine.

double shaft shredder machine
double shaft shredder machine

Our double shaft shredder machine can not only process wood pallet waste but also has the versatility to shred various materials, making it the ideal choice for the customer. In our communication with customers, we emphasize the flexibility and applicability of the machine, so that customers have a full awareness of the versatility of the machine.

Meet customer’s special requirements

Customers make many detailed requests about the performance and details of the double shaft shredder machine before purchasing it. To meet the customer’s expectations, we provided a detailed program for the customer, including a detailed description of the machine’s technical parameters, operating procedures, maintenance, and other aspects.

In the process of program development, we always maintain close communication with the customer and flexibly adjust the program to ensure that the final solution can fully meet the customer’s needs.

universal shredding machine
universal shredding machine

Reasons for purchasing double shaft shredder machine

  • Multifunctionality: The machine’s diverse material processing functions enable customers to cope with the processing needs of different wastes and improve the flexibility of production.
  • Detailed program and meticulous service: Our company provides customers with detailed programs to meet their high demands for machine performance and details, as well as meticulous service throughout the purchase process.
  • Good impression and field visit: Through the field visit, the customer was deeply impressed by our production process, quality control, and machine performance, which enhanced his trust in our company.

After the customer’s purchase, we again provided a full range of training and after-sales service to ensure that the customer can fully grasp the operating skills of the machine and realize the best production benefits.