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The twin shaft scrap metal shredder machine is specially designed to finely shred large-size scrap.
Scrap metal shredder machine
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The twin shaft scrap metal shredder machine is specially designed to finely shred large-size scrap. The equipment is generally used to process unprocessed scrap metal materials or trimmings to make the material smaller in size. The shredded raw materials can be finely crushed and sorted twice for secondary recycling through melting.

Introduction to the scrap metal shredder machine

Our scrap metal shredder machine is powerful enough to handle all forms of materials. It has the advantages of a simple structure, strong material, low energy consumption, high processing efficiency, and easy operation and maintenance. We also have different configurations for the twin shaft shredder to meet the needs of different customers.

scrap metal shredder machine
Scrap metal shredder machine

Structure of metal chip shredder

A scrap metal shredder machine is mainly a machine consisting of a shredding blade set, carrying box, box support, feeding system, power system, and electrical control system.

metal chip shredder's structure
Metal chip shredder’s structure

The shredder-crushing process

  1. Firstly, various scrap iron and aluminum materials are passed through the loading machine, which conveys and puts the materials into the feeding port.
  2. Then, the material enters the crushing cavity from top to bottom, and the multi-claw tooth rollers with shredding blades rotate in opposite directions to achieve mutual shearing and extrusion.
  3. After that, the equipment will evenly shred the material into uniform size metal pieces. And through the shredder shredding cavity discharge.
  4. The final product is unified through the conveyor belt for output processing.

Scrap metal shredder machine working video

Scrap metal shredder machine working video

The significant advantages of the metal scrap processing shredder

  1. Equipment low speed, low dust, low noise, large torque shear.
  2. Knives made of high-strength alloy heat treatment, suitable for shearing a variety of high-strength materials, wear-resistant design, and low maintenance frequency.
  3. The modular design of the box, equipped with independent side plates and bearing blocks, is convenient for maintenance.
  4. Advanced sealing system to prevent material leakage from the box, to ensure the service life of the bearings.
  5. With Independent control of the electrical box, the whole system meets CE safety standards.

The using range of industrial metal shredder

Double-shaft scrap metal shredder machines can handle a wide range of materials. For example, scrap metal, scrap wood, metal barrels, rubber, electrical appliances, plastic, paper, etc. It can shred scrap metal to make it smaller and easier for subsequent storage, transportation, and recycling.

Industrial metal shredder using scope
Industrial metal shredder using scope

How does the efficient scrap metal shredder work?

Parameters of the waste metal recycling shredder

Quantity of blade40
Waste metal recycling shredder’s parameter

The metal chip shredder’s knives

Different models of shredders have different thicknesses of blades, for example: 15mm 20mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 100mm. we also customize the thickness and number of knives according to the specific needs of our customers. They are usually made of high-strength alloy material, which is wear-resistant and durable.

metal chip shredder's knives
Metal chip shredder knives


Q: What types of metal scrap is the scrap metal shredder machine suitable for?

A: Twin-shaft metal shredder is suitable for all types of metal scrap, including scrap car metal parts, waste metal containers, metal drums, etc.

Q: What are the maintenance requirements of the scrap metal shredder machine?

A: Keeping the knives sharp and clean is the key to maintaining the Twin Shaft Metal Shredder. Regularly check the knives for wear and replace them, and keep the machine lubricated and clean to ensure its normal operation and extended service life.

Q: How is the safety of this equipment guaranteed?

A: The Twin Shaft Metal Shredder is designed and manufactured with safety in mind and is equipped with appropriate safety devices such as safety guards and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of the operator.

By using a twin-shaft metal shredder, you can efficiently process all types of metal scrap, reduce the volume of scrap and increase the recycling rate of scrap. We offer a wide range of models and customization options, feel free to ask us!

metal chip shredder
Metal chip shredder