Durable scrap gantry shear feeding mechanism types and characteristics

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Durable scrap gantry shear is commonly used in metal cutting and processing equipment, its feeding mechanism is an important part of achieving material feeding and positioning. The metal gantry shear feeding mechanism is usually used in the following two forms: pneumatic feeding and hydraulic feeding.

Durable scrap gantry shear’s pneumatic feeding

Pneumatic feeding: The pneumatic feeding mechanism of the durable scrap gantry shears uses the power provided by the pneumatic system to drive the feeding device through the cylinder to realize the feeding and positioning of the material.

Features of the scrap metal shears’ pneumatic feeding

High speed: The pneumatic system of the durable scrap gantry shear has a fast response, which can quickly achieve material feeding and improve work efficiency.

Flexibility: Simple structure allows for flexible adjustment and control to suit the processing needs of different materials and workpieces.

Easy maintenance: The maintenance of a pneumatic system is relatively simple and the maintenance cost is low, which can improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

Durable scrap gantry shear
Durable scrap gantry shear

Metal gantry cutting machines’ hydraulic feeding

Hydraulic feeding: The hydraulic feeding mechanism feeds and positions the material through the hydraulic cylinder with the pressure and force provided by the hydraulic system.

Features of the hydraulic scrap metal shears’ hydraulic feeding

  1. High precision: The hydraulic system has a stable pressure output, which can realize the accurate feeding and positioning of the material and ensure the accuracy and quality of cutting.
  2. Powerful thrust: The hydraulic system is able to provide large thrust, which is suitable for handling larger sizes and weights of materials with strong processing capability.
  3. Good adjustability: The pressure and speed of the hydraulic system can be adjusted to meet the changes of different materials and cutting requirements, improving the adaptability and flexibility of the equipment.
Metal gantry cutting machine
Metal gantry cutting machine

Whether it is pneumatic feeding or hydraulic feeding, the feeding mechanism of the durable scrap gantry shears produced by Shuliy is characterized by reliability, stability, and high efficiency. We will recommend the right feeding mechanism to improve the productivity and processing quality of the machine according to different processing needs and material characteristics. This will bring more convenience and value to users!

scrap metal shear
Scrap metal shear