Nigerian Customers Buy Metal Baler Recycling Machine Again

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In the middle of last month, our company successfully sent a scrap metal baler recycling machine to Nigeria. The customer is a group of people who have previously purchased metal shredders from us.

They are engaged in scrap metal recycling activities and currently need to bale the collected scrap metal to improve the efficiency of transportation and storage.

Detailed information on metal baler recycling machine

After a detailed introduction by our business manager, the scrap metal baler recycling machine was finally customized according to the customer’s requirements with the following conditions. The output of the machine can reach 8500-9500kg/h.

  • Model: Y81-250BS
  • Compression chamber: 2500kn
  • Block size: (450-800) ×500×500mm
  • Block density: ≥2500kg/m³
  • Bale discharging operation: Push out, PLC control cooperation
  • Color: according to the customer needs to determine
  • Delivery time: Successful delivery at the beginning of this month
  • Other Features: The machine has a highly efficient baling capacity and is suitable for different types of scrap metal.

Why choose our company?

First of all, our factory has excellent production technology, machine processing speed, and reasonable price, and can provide the machine to the customer in the shortest possible time.

Secondly, customers choose our company based on their previous purchase of metal shredders good experience, and the use of the machine in the process of the problem, we have helped to solve it perfectly, so customers trust the quality of our products and the reliability of service.