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Single shaft metal shredder is an efficient equipment specialized in processing metal scrap.
Single shaft shredder
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Single shaft shredder introduction

Single shaft shredder is an efficient equipment specialized in processing metal scrap. It shreds and crushes metal scrap through the rotating movement of a single shaft, realizing the reuse of scrap and resource recovery.

What materials can be processed by plastic rubber shredder?

The single shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries and is suitable for plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, household waste recycling treatment, etc.

A wide range of recyclable materials, suitable for recycling a variety of large solid body materials, difficult-to-handle materials, plastic containers and plastic drums, and plastic matting. The discharge size can be as small as 20mm according to different needs.

raw materials processed by plastic rubber shredder
Raw materials processed by plastic rubber shredder

Structure of scrap metal shredder

The structure of a single shaft metal shredder is simple and sturdy. It is composed of a blade spindle, fixed knife, load transfer box, box support, feeding system, hydraulic pushing system, power system, and electrical control system. Scrap metal shredder is mainly used for shredding, wood, rubber, plastic, paper, and other waste materials.

Single shaft shredder's structure
Single shaft shredder’s structure

Workflow process of scrap metal shredder

The workflow process of a single-shaft metal shredder includes feeding, shredding, separating, and collecting.

The metal scrap is fed into the machine through the feeding port, shredded by the rotation of the blades, and then separated from the different size pieces through the screen, and finally, the valuable metal materials are collected and extracted.

scrap metal shredder working process
Scrap metal shredder working process

The working principle of single shaft shredder

  1. First, the material enters the shredding box through the feeding system, and the box carries the shredding blades.
  2. Then, the push box pushes the material to the rotating knife roller under the push of a hydraulic cylinder, and the rotating moving knife and fixed knife will crush the material.
  3. Secondly, the crushed material falls through the screen.
  4. Finally, the crushed materials are transported to the next process or collected and packed through the auxiliary conveying equipment.

How does an electronic waste shredder work?

Difference between single shaft and double shaft metal shredder

The main difference between a single-shaft metal shredder and a double-shaft metal shredder is the structure and working principle.

  1. Single-shaft shredder has a simple structure, occupies little space, and is suitable for the initial shredding of metal scrap.
  2. And double shaft shredder structure is complex, with higher shear and crushing capacity, suitable for deep processing of larger and harder metal scrap.

Detail technical information of the single shaft wood shredder

Power (kw)30
Pushing power (kw)2.2
Single shaft wood shredder’s information

Features of metal shredder for sale

  1. Single shaft shredder tool use and maintenance costs are lower, the same power compared with the two shaft shredder single shaft shredder price is relatively low, easy to replace the tool.
  2. Hard tooth surface reducer, smooth operation, low noise, high torque.
  3. The movable knife is made of cold work mold steel, with good strength and high toughness, and high cutting performance.
  4. The screen is easy to replace, the guide bar and guide block of the pushing box can be replaced and adjusted, the speed is smooth and adjustable, and the propulsion force is large and even.
  5. External bearing design, the size of the material can be adjusted according to the size of the screen aperture, waterproof and dustproof, and extend the service life of the bearings.

Single shaft metal shredder wearing parts

In the single shaft metal shredder, the blade is an important wearing part. After a long time of use, the blade may wear or damage, affecting the shredding effect. Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of the blades is a key measure to keep the machine’s performance stable.

Why choose Shuliy’s single shaft shredder?

As a leading brand of professional metal scrap processing equipment, our single-shaft metal shredders offer excellent performance and reliable quality. We are committed to providing customized solutions to meet our customers’ metal scrap processing needs by offering applicable models and configurations according to different needs.

plastic rubber shredder
Plastic rubber shredder