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The tyre shredding machine is a first class tire shredder. Tire shredders are powerful enough to handle all forms of tires.
Tyre shredding machine
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The tyre shredding machine is a first class tire shredder. Tire shredders are powerful enough to handle all forms of tires. Many tire recycling plants choose to use tire shredders for the initial processing of tires.

What is a tyre shredding machine?

Tyre shredding machines are specially designed to crush tires of large size, thickness, and hardness. It can effectively shred car tires. After shredding the tires, they can be passed through the grinding machine equipment and ground into powder form for reprocessing. When using the tire shredder, there is no need to do any prior processing of the tires, they can be directly crushed.

Tyre shredding machine

First class tire shredders’ scope of use

Tyre shredding machines can handle all kinds of rubber or plastic products. For example rubber tires, bias tires, radial tires, car tires; various rubber products, scrap; waste plastic products.

Tyre shredding machine's using scope
Tyre shredding machines using scope

Why do we need to use a waste tire crusher?

  1. A tyre shredding machine can cut scrap tires into pieces of appropriate size, reduce their volume, and facilitate subsequent processing and utilization.
  2. It realizes the reuse of resources. The treated scrap tire pieces can be used to produce new materials, such as rubber granules, rubber granule sheets, rubber concrete, etc. This is good for environmental protection.
  3. The shredded tire fragments can be converted into fuel pellets. This energy recycling of scrap tires reduces dependence on traditional fuels while helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  4. Environmental protection: Improper disposal of waste tires may cause pollution and harm to the environment. The use of a tire shredding machine can effectively reduce the volume of scrap tires and contribute to environmental protection.
waste tire crusher
waste tire crusher

What are the benefits of using tire crusher?

  1. Easy for subsequent processing work. The tire shredder first shreds the complete tires. The shredded tires are more convenient for transportation and movement.
  2. Reduce the footprint of scrap tires in the plant. Many tire recycling plants have a large number of old tires piled up in them. First using the tire shredder for shredding is conducive to reducing the footprint.
  3. Tire shredder has a wide range of applications. In addition to waste tires, can also deal with waste plastics, latex products, etc. One machine is multi-purpose, saving costs.
First class tire shredder
First class tire shredder

Tyre shredder for sale features

  1. High-efficiency performance: The tire shredder adopts advanced cutting and tearing technology, which can handle waste tires efficiently.
  2. Versatility: Tire shredders can usually handle different types and sizes of tires, including small car tires, truck tires, construction vehicle tires, etc.
  3. Adjustability and flexibility: Tire shredders usually have adjustable blades and screens in order to adjust the size and shape of the output material as needed.
  4. Strong and durable: Tyre shredding machines are usually made of high-strength materials, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant.
Tyre shredder for sale
Tyre shredder for sale

Tyre shredding machine export to Chile

A twin shaft scrap iron shredder was sold to Chile. The customer used the shredder to process iron plates. Our sales manager recommended a 600-type shredder to the customer after communicating with him. After confirming the customer’s need for the metal shredder, we produced a PI for the customer. After that, the customer paid part of the deposit and we started to prepare the shredder for the customer.

ship the Tyre shredding machine to Chile
ship the tyre shredding machine to Chile

Maintenance of the new tyre shredding machine

  1. Before using the new tyre shredding machine, first, fill the gearbox with gear oil to the middle of the lower and upper lines of the oil mark.
  2. Before the use of the new machine the box outside of the opposite gear must be filled with grease.
  3. Fill the grease once a day during use.
  4. Confirm the motor power before wiring, and choose the right wire number.
  5. Idle for one minute before starting the waste tire shredder, and feed the material when the Tyre shredding machine is fully running.
  6. Adjust the suitable reversing time and stopping time according to the material and production demand.
  7. When taking the material inside the box, make sure to turn off the power first and then take the material, do not turn off the power to take the material in the box, it is very dangerous.
new tyre shredding machine
new tyre shredding machine