Hydraulic gantry shear for cutting sheet metal

Hydraulic gantry shears are specially designed to cut various kinds of fee metal sheets. Use it to deal with thick scrap metal is efficiently.
Hydraulic gantry shear
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Hydraulic gantry shears are specially designed to cut various kinds of fee metal sheets. Use this equipment to deal with thick scrap metal more efficiently and conveniently. Gantry shear adopts a new electro-hydraulic control system, which has the advantages of a high level of automation, safe and stable work, and outstanding anti-pressure effect.

Therefore it is the ideal equipment for steel rolling mills, metallurgical plants, scrap steel processing, and recycling units for metallurgical furnace material processing and profile shearing.

Introduction to the hydraulic gantry shear

Hydraulic gantry shear is a high-performance shearing equipment, widely used in the metal processing and scrap recycling industry. Shuliy manufactures a wide range of gantry shears to meet different shearing needs. For example, we have a multi-blade head design that cuts small and efficient pieces, avoiding secondary shearing.

The components of the gantry cutting machines are made of advanced wear-resistant materials, which means less maintenance and longer service life! Welcome to consult our equipment at any time!

hydraulic gantry shear machine
Hydraulic gantry shear machine

Application scope of the gantry cutting machine

Hydraulic metal shear is suitable for shearing all kinds of metal materials, including steel plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, etc.

It is widely used in metal processing plants, automobile manufacturing plants, shipbuilding plants, scrap recycling stations, and other fields. And it can effectively shear and handle a variety of sizes and shapes of metal materials.

gantry cutting machine's application
Gantry cutting machine’s application

What are the benefits of using an automatic gantry cutting machine?

  1. Efficient performance: Hydraulic gantry shears have a strong shearing capacity and fast operating speed, and can quickly shear and process a variety of scrap metal materials to improve production efficiency.
  2. Cost savings: Gantry shearing machines can effectively shear and compress scrap metal, reducing the volume of material, and thereby saving storage and transportation costs.
  3. Resource recovery: By using hydraulic gantry shears to process scrap metal, you can turn the scrap into reusable resources, contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  4. Safety and reliability: Gantry cutting machines use advanced safety control systems and guards to ensure the safety of the operator and reduce the risk of accidents.
  5. Versatility: Scrap metal shears can be applied to handle a wide range of scrap metal materials, including steel bars, steel plates, scrap vehicles, and scrap ships, with a wide range of applications.

How does the hydraulic gantry shear work?

Hydraulic gantry shear

Structure of the hydraulic metal shear

The hydraulic metal shear hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump (motor-driven), hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic piping and oil tank, filter, and other auxiliary parts, the number of which can vary depending on the model of the gantry shear.

Hydraulic gantry shear's structure
Hydraulic gantry shear’s structure

Industrial scrap gantry shears working principle

  1. After the scrap is grabbed to the top material box, the piston of the side pressure cylinder pushes the side pressure ram forward to form a lateral squeezing pressure on the scrap steel.
  2. At the same time, the door cover is closed, forming downward squeezing pressure on the scrap. The side pressure cylinder and the door cover cylinder work together to squeeze the scrap steel in the material box into a strip before the outlet.
  3. Push the material cylinder to push the material forward. Reaching the preset length, the piston of the pressing oil cylinder red sun shear cylinder will drop. At this time the press block pressed scrap steel, and the shear knife will cut the scrap steel.
Hydraulic gantry shear's working principle
Hydraulic gantry shear’s working principle

Technical information on the scrap gantry shear

Max.Cutting fore600
System pressure(Mpa)<=25
Bin size(mm)5500*1500*700
Blade length1600
Shearing frequency(times/min)4-6
Scrap gantry shear’s information

Characteristics of the heavy duty gantry shear

  1. Hydraulic drive, reasonable structure. Shuliy production of gantry shears using hydraulic transmission, low noise. The use of the whole welded solid open structure can make the machine body maintain sufficient steel.
  2. Advanced technology, safe and reliable. The hydraulic system to add a high-pressure filter, comes with an alarm. We also adopt a large air volume air cooler to control the oil temperature of hydraulic oil within the normal use range.
  3. Adjustable and controllable, energy-saving optimization. Adjustable pressing force, no overload, to achieve the pressure-holding and delay requirements of each work step in the pressing process.
heavy duty gantry shear
Heavy duty gantry shear

Customizable hydraulic gantry shears-Shuliy offers

Schliy can create unique hydraulic gantry shears to meet specific customer needs. We can offer a variety of customization options, including table size, shear force, tool configuration, etc.

For example, we can make multi-blade shears that can cut 3 sections with one blade and 5 sections with one blade to increase efficiency. We can provide tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

hydraulic gantry shear
Hydraulic gantry shear

Metal hydraulic gantry cutter use precautions

  1. First, open the gantry shear for idling. With the machine working properly, test cut different thicknesses of sheet material from thin to thick. Ensure that the user is familiar with the performance of the shear.
  2. Test shear different plate thicknesses when adjusting to different blade clearances. If you do not adjust the corresponding blade clearance, it affects the durability of the blade.
  3. Gantry shear in shear, open the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil circuit pressure value. Users must comply with this provision, do not arbitrarily increase the pressure, resulting in damage to the machine.
  4. The sounds balance during operation. Hydraulic gantry shear if there are noises, should be stopped to check.
  5. When operating the gantry shear, the oil tank will raise the temperature to 60 degrees and shut down the machine to rest when it exceeds.
Metal hydraulic gantry cutter
Metal hydraulic gantry cutter