Metal shear cutter | hydraulic scrap shearing machine

Metal shear cutters are widely used in industry and construction. It is named after its structural principle similar to the crocodile up and down.
Metal shear cutter
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Metal shear cutters are widely used in industry and construction. The equipment is named after its structural principle similar to the crocodile up and down the crocodile. The hydraulic shear cutter is designed with a simple structure, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost.

And it has been unanimously recognized by the market. The machine is mainly used in small steel rolling mills and other mechanical processing plants.

Introduction to the metal shear cutter

Metal shear cutters and other cutting equipment, compared to the main features of lightweight and high efficiency. Our production of hydraulic shear cutters has 6 different working lengths of the blade. Among them, the cutter crocodile shears with more than 700mm cutter openings are especially suitable for cutting end-of-life cars.

At the same time, we have different operation methods, but whether manual or automatic, our crocodile shears are easy to operate. We will customers to recommend the most suitable for their use of crocodile shears models. We also support customized equipment.

hydraulic scrap shearing machine
Hydraulic scrap shearing machine

Features of the hydraulic scrap shearing machine

  1. The hydraulic scrap shearing machine is good at cold shearing various section shapes such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, steel plate, steel pipe, and other scrap metal.
  2. The metal shear cutter adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical drive shear, has a small size, lightweight, low inertia, smooth action, safe operation, and easy to achieve the characteristics of overload protection.
  3. Scrap shearing machines with manual and automatic functions. The operation control is convenient and simple, and the shear mouth can be cut and stopped at any position in the working process.
  4. Hydraulic shear cutters can be cut according to the size of the material, and any control of the size of the shear mouth, in order to achieve the highest working efficiency.
  5. Scrap hears are widely used in the recycling and processing of scrap materials industry, small and medium-sized steel mills, etc. Low energy consumption, widely used in metal shearing, to provide the best furnace smelting furnace material.
metal shear cutter
Metal shear cutter

Materials that scrap shearing machines are good at handling

Metal shear cutters are suitable for processing a variety of materials, including but not limited to

  1. Metal sheets and profiles: such as iron, steel, aluminum, etc.
  2. Plastic materials: such as PVC, polypropylene, etc.
  3. Ropes and cables: such as steel wire rope, nylon rope, etc.
Materials that scrap shearing machines handle
Materials that scrap shearing machines handle

Detailed parameters of the hydraulic metal shear cutter

Blade working width1200mm
Cutting pressure250 tons
Oil pump80*1
Number of cuts8-12 times/mim
Hydraulic metal shear cutter’s parameter

How does the scrap shearing machine work?

Scrap shearing machine

The structure of the hydraulic shear cutting machine

The metal shear cutter is composed of a shearing cylinder, shearing knife, slider press-closing knife, lower knife seat, press-closing cylinder, etc.

metal shear cutter structure
Metal shear cutter structure

What is the working principle of the metal shear cutter?

Shear work running, the hydraulic pump station to the press cylinder oil supply to let the press knife pushed to the lower knife seat. This completes the material fixed compression.

  1. Then the hydraulic pump station to the shear cylinder supplies oil to make the shear knife down to complete the shear step.
  2. Shear after the completion of the hydraulic pump station work, hydraulic oil back into the equipment to complete the return action.
Scrap metal shear cutter

Scrap metal shear cutter operating instructions

  1. Scrap metal shear cutter users need to understand the machine before starting to use the equipment.
  2. Before using the scrap shearing machine, ensure that the work area is free of debris, so as not to interfere with the operation or cause accidental injury.
  3. Adjust the handle position before use to obtain better operating comfort and shear control.
  4. Apply proper pressure through the handle while the equipment is working to make the knife blade cut the material.
  5. Equipment lubrication at each place should be filled with lubricant at least once per shift as required.
  6. For hydraulic sheet metal shears in operation or packing process, no repair or hand touching the moving parts, it is strictly prohibited to use hands or feet in the material box to press the material.