Scrap metal shearing machine | hydraulic sheet cutting machine

Scrap metal shearing machines can be used to cut various forms of cold steel and scrap metal. They are small in size, light in weight.
Scrap metal shearing machine
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Scrap metal shearing machines can be used to cut various forms of cold steel and scrap metal. Compared with gantry shears, tiger shears are small in size, light in weight, and large in shear section. Therefore, it is widely used in various recycling enterprises, scrap steel plants, and smelting and casting enterprises. The equipment is easy to install and operate and can help users save a lot of time.

Brief introduction of scrap metal shearing machine

There are different models of scrap metal shearing machines produced by Shuliy. The length of the cutter and the pressure generated when working are different for different models. We will recommend the right type of shears according to the customer’s specific situation.

Up to now, our hydraulic sheet metal shears have been sold to many countries. For example, the Philippines, Malta, Malaysia, Gabon, Algeria, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc. Shuliy is looking forward to cooperating with you!

scrap metal shearing machine
Scrap metal shearing machine

What is the structure of hydraulic sheet metal shear?

The hydraulic sheet metal shear usually consists of the following parts: generally contains the operating table, cylinder, pipe, tank, spindle, shearing knife, etc.

  1. The main frame: This part can provide support and stability, the installation of other components.
  2. Shearing edge: The use of high-strength materials made of blades, used to cut metal materials.
  3. Power system: including electric motors, hydraulic systems, etc., to provide strong power and shear pressure.
  4. Control system: This system is used to control the operation of the tiger head shear and parameter adjustment.
scrap metal shredder machine structure
Scrap metal shredder machine structure

Using scope of the scrap metal shearing machine

The hydraulic shearing machine use is used to shear the fixed length, cut the head, cut the tail, cut the edge, cut the specimen, and remove the local defects of the rolled parts.

Fields of use:

  1. Metal processing industry: Scrap metal shearing machine used to shear metal plates, metal pipes, metal profiles, etc., to meet a variety of processing needs.
  2. Scrap recycling industry: It can be used to shear all kinds of scrap metal.
  3. Automobile manufacturing industry: Sheet-cutting machines can shear auto parts, abandoned vehicles, etc., to achieve waste disposal and recycling.
  4. Railroad and bridge construction: This machine can shear rails, steel bars, etc., for metal processing needs in railroad and bridge construction.
scrap metal shearing machine application
Scrap metal shearing machine application

Detailed information on hydraulic shearing machine

Equipment pressure2500KN
System pressure25MPA
Blade size1000mm
Motor power22KW
Mailbox capacity360L
Cutting times4-8 times (adjustable)
Equipment dimensions200012002100
Hydraulic shearing machine’s parameter

What is the workflow of a hydraulic sheet cutting machine?

The working principle of the hydraulic sheet cutting machine:

  1. Adjust the parameters: According to the thickness and hardness of the metal material, adjust the position of the shear blade and shear pressure.
  2. Position the metal material: The metal material to be sheared is placed on the table of the scrap metal shearing machines.
  3. Start the equipment: Through the control system start the power system of the tiger head shear.
  4. Shear metal material: Shear blade with high speed and high pressure on the metal material to shear, to achieve the fast and accurate shear effect.

How do the scrap metal shearing machines work?

Scrap metal shearing machine

What are the advantages of the alligator shears?

  1. Alligator shears use plate chain silo to achieve smooth feeding. This can avoid the traditional feeding mechanism to feed the material extrusion rumble problem.
  2. The shearing cylinder of the scrap metal shearing machine is connected by a ball hinge, which improves the stability and life of the cylinder. This also increases the front plate guiding device, low noise, stability, and reliability.
  3. Using hydraulic drive, easy to operate, simple maintenance. Easy to install, no foot screw is required to install the tiger head shears.
hydraulic sheet cutting machine advantages
Hydraulic sheet cutting machine advantages

What equipment can be paired with the shearing machine?

High capacity shearing machines are often used together with the following supporting equipment to improve efficiency and convenience:

  1. Conveying system: This system is used to convey metal materials to the working area of the scrap metal shearing machines, providing continuous feeding and discharging functions.
  2. Scrap collection system: This part is used to collect and process the scrap generated from shearing for subsequent recycling and disposal.

Alligator shearing machines compared to gantry shears

  1. Gantry shear has the characteristics of large size, high price, and large footprint. In terms of working principle, the gantry shear is generally processed for heavy scrap. He can handle heavy metal scrap, suitable for large metal processing plants.
  2. Alligator shearing machines have the advantages of high pressure, small size, wide processing range, and ease of movement. Therefore, the tiger head shears can handle generally small and medium-sized metal scrap.